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Rapid Transformational Therapy with Colleen Costigan


How would it feel to be free of whatever is keeping you stuck -

once and for all? 

COVID 19 Update:

Sessions can safely and effectively be conducted virtually.  First responders-contact me to receive special discounts.  

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Are you frustrated with trying to make changes in your life, but not getting the results you want?  Feeling stuck or blocked in your relationships, money, career or health?  Do you constantly watch other people having the success that you want, but feel unable to achieve it for yourself?   Or maybe you take steps towards your goal but then don't stick with it and never make any real progress?  

These patterns can be due to negative self-beliefs and patterns that were created through events and environment in your past, but which shape the way you live your life today. These outdated beliefs can hugely affect your self-esteem, self-confidence, relationships, health and quality of life. 

They manifest in different ways for different people such as anxiety, eating disorders, weight issues, ill-health, addictions, phobias, destructive relationships or money issues, as well as a crippling lack of self-esteem.

It is time to breakthrough the old, outdated ways of living and transform your life to create the permanent, empowered life you want.  

Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) is PERFECT for creating fast, effective and permanent change in your life so you can truly enjoy the NOW.  Let me help you create a new joy-filled and successful future for yourself.  RTT can work with a face-to-face or virtual session.

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