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See what clients are saying:


After trying many alternative therapies to treat my irritable bowl syndrome (IBS), I sought Colleen’s services. Many of my former therapies had temporarily helped, but I felt like there was an underlying issue that still hadn’t been addressed. Going through RTT therapy with Colleen, I explored the greater depths of the interconnectedness of my emotional and physical distress through much of my young adulthood into my middle 20’s. Since working with Colleen. I have found great relief and can use our recordings to reset when I notice myself getting off track. This has been one of the most helpful tools to add to my wellness toolkit and I’m so glad to have been connected with Colleen. 

BC, Washington, DC

Hi Colleen.  Great to hear from you. I am definitely having some feelings shift.  

I have noticed I can more easily walk away from food choices that are not healthy for my body. (Not an easy task when you work at a school.  There is always poor food choices in teachers lounges.)  I’ve let go of about 4 pounds of “excessive feelings” in weight since Friday’s session. 


Another positive is, I have been feeling more affectionate with my hubby.  We’ve always had a good relationship but it feels closer somehow. 


Additionally, my overall feelings have been very joyful since Friday.  I’m praying it stays present once students begin this week on Wednesday. 


I’ve listened to the recording at least twice every day.  Some days 3 times. I truly look forward to listening to the recording. 

RS, Colorado

"The RTT session you did for me on money was really amazing. I've had a major shift in the way I'm thinking and feeling about all things financial and money-related, which is really huge for me. This had been a life-long issue and the change is remarkable. Money and opportunity has shown up in ways I could not have imagined...I can't thank you enough for the powerful assist you offered me in this area of my life."

MZ, Arkansas

"I sought Colleen's help to remove a blockage I felt was there preventing me from going out and promoting my work. I know I am supposed to be of service to the world, but I could just not get myself to actually do something to make myself known and talk about what I have to offer. It was amazing how in our session it became obvious where the block came from and how it was related to my childhood. Nothing I haven't known in other contexts, but just this new understanding helped me to feel more comfortable, not over preparing my class for the next evening and going more with the flow. I really enjoyed talking with attendees more openly. The difference was amazing. I am confident it will further unfold. Thanks so much for your care and help, Colleen. You guided me beautifully through the process, I felt safe and aware the whole time. You are a wonderful therapist and the work you offer is truly amazing. I can highly recommend working with Colleen."

M.J. Ahsland, OR

"I was drinking nearly 2 liters of Diet Pepsi per day and totally felt addicted.  I never went anywhere without a Diet Pepsi in my hand.  I had tried stopping before, but had limited success, but in one 90 minute session with Colleen, I stopped.  I didn't have any withdrawal symptoms, I didn't crave it.  I was shocked that it could be so easy since I had been drinking diet soda for so long.  It has been 2 months, and still no desire to drink Diet Pepsi.  Thank you Colleen."

C.M.. Highlands Ranch, CO

"At the end of my session I just said, wow she is really good at this.  Now, I totally understood why I had not been making progress with starting my new career and feel as if the procrastination and perfectionism was gone." 

H.S. New York, NY

"I was feeling stuck and and not making progress on trying to start a blog.  I was able to go back and see where the self-doubt started and now I am energized to get myself out there not only for the blog, but with public speaking, too."

G.S. Phoenix AZ

"I was skeptical going into the session, but it was different than I thought it would be. Colleen made me feel comfortable and explained the process. I didn't think it worked for helping me lose weight and eat healthier until about three weeks later when I realized it was easier to make better food choices and I had lost 4 pounds.  I expected to have some obvious signs that it was working, but instead, it was working in a stealth way."

R.T. Highlands Ranch, CO

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